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Human Library at The Mint House

Following the success of our last human library, we've decided to host another.               

No need to book - just turn up (suitable for all ages):

The Human Library is an international movement that promotes an inclusive way to challenge prejudice through social contact. Just like in a real library, a visitor to the Human Library can choose a Book from a range of titles. The difference is that Books are people, and reading is a conversation. These events give you permission to delve straight into a conversation with someone you wouldn't perhaps otherwise cross paths with.

This event aligns perfectly with what we're always trying to do at The Mint House, which is to create dialogues in order to see the story from both sides. This creates a new understanding and challenges our original opinions and beliefs, often shaping change and personal growth.

For more information, email or Tel: 07795577929, also see the link below for a summary of the last Human Library we held: