Human Library held at The Mint House

A day of fascinating dialogue was spent at The Mint House in order to challenge prejudice and stereotypes. A Human Library is just like a real library, except that books are people and reading is a conversation.

The Human Books were deliberately given thought-provoking titles in order for readers to enquire further such as:-  

  • A Syrian Refugee

  • A Transgender Christian

  • A Palestinian from Gaza

  • A Brain Injury

  • A Gay Minister

  • Stories from a Prison Cell

  • My Motorbike & God

  • Is Epilepsy the End?  

The books were borrowed 45 times and readers left spellbound. The Oxford Mail and Times featured the event and those who came can't wait until we host our next Human Library (keep an eye on our events and news pages for details of future events).

Being able to have a snapshot into someone else’s life, someone you wouldn’t usually meet, is so humbling and really reminds us of our humanity. There’s always a human face. John